Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max review: Bigger is better, now available in Alpine Green.

Update: Six months following the initial release of the iPhone 13 Pro Max, Apple has added a brand-new color option to the range. Called ‘Alpine Green’, this new paint job is the fifth color now available for the iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max, retaining the same glass-topped textured matte finish and colour-matched reflective stainless steel sides – but this time, in dark green .

It’s a particularly swish look, especially since this moody color isn’t something we come to expect from Apple’s otherwise brightly colored finishes of recent launches. None of this changes our initial opinion of the phone, of course (especially since it costs the same as the other colors), but having a new color option to mull over is always welcome. Doubly so if you weren’t initially sold on the iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max’s original launch colors.

If you’re curious as to what the phone looks like outside of Apple’s official press shots, we’ve spent some time with the new Alpine Green iPhone 13 Pro Max recently – it complements the lime green carpet in our office quite nicely, don’ do you think?

Our original iPhone 13 Pro Max review continues below.

The iPhone 13 Pro Max is a very different proposition to its predecessor. That’s not because it’s all that different from the iPhone 12 Pro Max – far from it – but rather the gap has significantly closed between the Pro Max and the rest of the new range.

This year, the only difference between the iPhone 13 Pro Max and its smaller counterpart is the size and the battery life, whereas last year’s Pro Max also had a superior camera system. In 2021, everything else is precisely the same.

Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max review: What you need to know.

If you’ve read our iPhone 13 Pro review, then you’ll already know the lay of the land. The iPhone 13 Pro Max is just larger, with a 6.7in display and a 4,352mAh battery versus 6.1in and 3.095mAh on the regular Pro.

It retains the same flat-sided, slab-like design as the 2020 iPhone range – although this year it’s a mite fatter and heavier and has a bigger camera bump – and Apple has reduced the size of the True Depth camera notch at the front.

The cameras behind that bump have been improved, too, both in terms of the hardware and the software. There’s a larger sensor for the main camera, with a brighter aperture than last year for better performance in low light. There’s also a longer 3x optical zoom on the telephoto camera (up from 2.5x).

Apple has also added macro photography to this year’s Pro phones (alas, not to the regular iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 mini), as well as Photographic Styles that affect the look of your photos, plus a portrait mode for video called Cinematic Mode. This adds fake blur to the background of your videos and even allows you to change the focus point after you’ve captured your footage.

The only remaining changes consist of the upgrade to the A15 Bionic processor, which boosts performance and gains a graphics core over the A14 Bionic from last year, and a new 1TB storage model is available, too.

Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max review: Price and competition.

With prices starting at £1,049, the iPhone 13 Pro Max also happens to be £50 cheaper than last year, which is a nice bonus, although at this level what’s £50 between friends? That money secures you the model with 128GB of storage, with prices rising to £1,149 for 256GB, £1,349 for 512GB and £1,549 for the new 1TB variant.