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With several marketing blogs cropping up every minute, finding the right blog which provides value can get a little complicated. By offering free additional materials, you can draw in repeat blog visitors , and you can increase your conversions by showing off the kinds of marketing services you can provide. If you’re interested in a marketing blog with a design flavoured twist, then check out Layout.

So readers can implement the tips and tricks and gain competitive advantages. Their blog features big, bold images that are easy to share with your social networks. They keep their content simple and witty, while taking deep dives into data when appropriate and analyze that data very well.

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I Love SEO is an SEO blog where they share SEO news, tips, editorials, and more. There are well detailed guides and resources you might find interesting. The main topics covered are content strategy and SEO, content promotion, increasing conversions, and client case studies. No matter what happens in the coming months, how you approach your marketing will have a big impact on your company’s performance today and tomorrow. With an experienced B2B marketing partner by your side, you can be sure you’re optimizing every budget dollar and achieving the best ROI. The fact that marketing is even more important to your business during tough economic times—regardless of whether it’s officially labeled a recession and how long the pain lasts.

The post discusses how you can build cornerstone content, indispensable foundational content that’s informative, and the strategies you could use to make it rank well in search engines. Don’t push your products and services so much that your audience is scared away. As long as you make the information available in all the right places, potential customers will find it.

SnapApp Blog – Covers content marketing from SEO to PPC and strategy, with a focus on interactive content. Social Media Examiner – Daily original content on how to navigate the social media jungle through social networking, blog, and podcast best practices. Referral marketing is a great way to attract new customers to your store. It’s cheaper than ads and easier to implement than event marketing.

For example, to develop messaging that captures your audience’s attention , you need to know what challenges and setbacks potential customers are experiencing right now. The main idea behind multi-channel marketing is reaching your customers at the right time and in the right place. The lessons they teach on how to build and grow an audience are incredibly valuable and used by many of the most successful marketers in the industry. You can find some of his writing which uses the power of content marketing and persuasion psychology on their email archive page. Neil Patel has been in the digital marketing space for what feels like since the beginning of the internet.

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Brings the best of Social Media Marketing World to your inbox all year long. The wide topical array makes it such that not every post is for every reader, but stick with Mitch, and you’re guaranteed to receive something worth your attention at regular intervals. From Ragan, a nice aggregation of posts of interest to public relations folks. I don’t read that many blogs written by a single agency, but Jim Tobin and the crew at Ignite seem to consistently come up with interesting approaches that I don’t see everywhere else.

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You can also stay informed by subscribing to the Digital Marketing Institute’s own blog, Trends & Insight. We publish articles on a twice-weekly basis, covering a variety of digital specialisms, from content and social media marketing, to search and analytics. Their blog offer articles on content creation, creativity techniques, writing tips, and content marketing strategy. Anyone looking to get the best advice from industry experts should definitely check out the Content Marketing Institute blog. Occasionally, the articles on the blog feature speakers in their live events. You’ll also find whitepapers, eBooks, podcasts, and even brainstorming tools to help you better your content marketing skills.

It is also important to give reasons for this decision’s objective. Keep in mind that customer loyalty and the recommendation of your brand to more people will depend on these points of contact. Stay on top of the latest rehab therapy tips, trends, and best practices with our weekly blog digest. Optimize your online presence to better attract, retain, and engage patients with our powerful patient marketing software, WebPT Reach. Whisp is glad to show you the ropes in effective lead generation, whether through text message marketing or whatnot.