And then one day I went to a familiar dealer selling Chinese cars. I liked the car so much that I ordered it. Upon receipt of the car, I checked all the paintwork, the treatment of the bottom with anticorrosive and, in general, the condition and functioning. First on the BMW X5 then on the Merce ML. The fuel tank is 57 liters. A trifle, but how nice that there is a place next to the gear selector where you can put your phone and it will charge. My plans are to drive a Chery Tiggo 7 for some time.

Chery Tiggo 7 Reviews

Great car for a middle class family. Ergonomics were also comfortable – tested twice – seemed noisy. Cool. Until the run-in has passed, I fill 95 at Lukoil. Unpretentious, goes through the pits easily and comfortably. Everything is informative
comfortable, nice. Packed with everything you need for a comfortable ride. acceleration dynamics. more For the money, he has few competitors who are ready to provide the same configuration options. KIA-Sportage – by the end of 2020 the exterior of the car is outdated and looks rather dull, the quality of materials and ergonomics in the cabin are inferior to the Prokhor. For 20,000 bucks you will not be able to buy a NEW Car with such characteristics and in such a rich configuration, except for Chinese ones. Buy NOVA for 20,000 bucks. more Wheelbarrow brings only a mountain of positive emotions. True, second-hand. And about the Hawala F7x -really respect to the manufacturers – recognized, recalled and eliminated – worthy of respect. We looked at the interior – unexpectedly liked it (there was no thought about the Chinese auto industry initially – probably the cliche received at one time and public opinion did their job). At Hawala, by the way, only cars were damaged, there were no casualties. Now, after 3000 km of run, I do not regret the purchase at all. And now the choice arose – all of the above analogues were all-wheel drive, which is undoubtedly a plus, but even this huge plus could not discourage me from acquiring Prokhor – it painfully sunk into my soul, and all blogger reviewers unanimously praised him. Yes, they have history. The quality of the materials is not bad, but I paid attention to one detail – the central tunnel makes it difficult to tilt and place your foot comfortably on the gas pedal – somehow it didn’t work out to get comfortable – and the price is 2.5-3 million. rubles for an average crossover – frankly, in my opinion, it’s expensive. This is a good urban crossover. Safety, coupled with 6 airbags – inspires confidence. I don’t regret anything now. Mazda CX-5 – the design is excellent from the outside – I went to see 2.0 AT at the announced price in the catalog of 2,074,000 rubles. – in fact, dealers hung incomprehensible special stages for 300 thousand rubles. as a result, the price came out under 2.4 million rubles, and at the maximum speed it was generally under 2.6 million rubles. And the car drives well. None of my fellow travelers complained. TO0 already passed – cost 2100 UAH. I think this is overkill. In general, the dynamics for the city are behind the eyes (no worse than 2.0 liters from Qashqai), handling is also good – without any special
folding do not form a flat floor – for me it is not critical. Fine, I’ll tell you. – Full winter package – heating
front and rear seats, heated steering wheel, heated washer nozzles and the entire windshield. In general, I am satisfied with the car. I don’t carry loads in it, I have a second car – and this one is for the city. – Touch control of the climate system and multimedia sound – I would still like to have twists. – There is not enough memory in the electronic settings of the driver’s and passenger’s seats. – The operation of the autorun system – it may work, or it may not – I would like to have feedback on the key. – Indistinct work of climate control – I noticed that when you put airflow in your legs – it blows in your face – it is treated by re-selecting it in your legs on multimedia – I think they will fix it with a firmware update. 11/12/2018 A great car for a middle-income family. For our winter, the very thing – moreover, the car warms up quickly enough, as well as all heating – it’s nice. – I liked the interior lighting for the rear passengers – made in the form of LED crystals. And then I will give the car to my wife, because the car was purchased for her. First on the BMW X5 then on the Merce ML. On a test machine, I tried to squeeze out everything that is in it and checked it for maneuverability. I am very pleased with the exterior design. Purely my subjective opinion. – A huge panoramic roof and a half-roof hatch – a few models even in premium have such, I don’t remember among classmates. – In my opinion, the quality of materials is very good – Prokhor Demidych pleasantly surprised me with the quality of materials used in the decoration, torpedoes, seats – really cooler than that of Koreans and many Japanese (I will immediately suggest that those who disagree do not leave sofa comments under the review, but drive and see with their own eyes and feel tactile). – Keyless entry and remote autostart from the key – here the Chinese surprised – it’s very nice when you approach the car – all doors open, when removed by 1.5-2m – they automatically close. At the moment, this is the feature of Chinese Auto. CVT 4WD in the pre-maximum configuration – the car felt like it was starting to get tired and was asking for a replacement, so we decided to upgrade the car. The interface of the media system is also to my liking. Everything is visible in them. There is a 5-year warranty – but we’ll see. Likes: – Beautiful appearance. In any case, they are more convenient than those of my previous "Germans". Moreover, the electronics are not buggy, but function perfectly. We leaned into a Ford Kuga 4WD. The mechanics on this particular car would be better! The back is quite spacious. On the contrary, I am very satisfied. In the city 11-12, and on the highway – 7. I decided to write a review because. real reviews on this model – a few units. By the way, the steering wheel is also quite tight. A two-liter naturally aspirated engine is enough even for temperamental driving. The white stitching on the front panel impresses me a lot. The instrument panel is very clear. You can choose a comfortable lift height for the trunk lid for a driver of any height. – Wireless phone charging. We accidentally went to the auto center and saw "this miracle" with the name Chery Tiggo 7pro, then I will call it "Prokhor". The average consumption of gasoline is about 9 liters. Conclusion In general, I am very pleased with the machine – there are really few alternatives for this money, taking into account its appearance and manufacturability. And then one day I went to a familiar dealer, trading. more But the all-round camera captivates me especially. There is also LED lighting behind the visors in front – for comparison, see what and how competitors have installed. After running I think it will be lower. Next, I think we will switch to 92 gasoline (92 gasoline is allowed by the factory). I’m not worried about the reliability of the car. But the price is twice as high. As well as dual-zone climate control, and on-board computer. Qashqai was rated well, bargained, clarified the nuances, and as a result, we took Prokhor Demidych in the maximum configuration in a two-tone version (red with a black roof) with additional dopas, floor mats and a set of winter tires. Consumption in the winter in the city with warm-ups and movements over short distances 12l / 100km. Still, the warranty is five years. Moreover, the cargo compartment space can be increased not only by folding the rear sofa, but also by lowering the floor to the lower level. But a little later, there were problems with the delivery of the car, and as an alternative, the sales manager of the dealership offered me to evaluate another Chinese novelty – Chery Tiggo 7. I’ll tell you right away I didn’t consider Culrey. it is small for our large family, and the Atlas seemed boring in appearance. Yes, and the information went on car fires during autostarts – the decision turned out not in his favor. Chery Tiggo 7 fully meets these requirements. April 29, 2020 I’ve been driving solid cars lately. For 18k run, nothing broke, every button works. Among other things, there are, for example, heated windshield, steering wheel, rear seats, tire pressure monitoring system. I chose between it, Haval H2, Suzuki Vitara, Renault Duster, Renault Kadjar, Citroen Cactus, Chery Tiggo 5. The variator is also happy. I noticed that at the time of receiving the car – the battery was on charge – at first I thought prevention, but after 2 days the battery did not show signs of life, I had to quickly replace it – the battery was exchanged at the car dealership without problems. Next came the smoking of forums, reviews about the Chinese auto industry, numerous videos of bloggers, visits to other salons, inspection and tests of competitors. By the way, I have no prejudice against Chinese cars. But I like. This is a good urban crossover. Even tough. If anything, there will always be an opportunity to trade-in and get a progressive Chinese car. We looked to replace the initially all-wheel drive crossovers 2-4 years old. And if anything, let me remind you that the vast majority of the more famous automakers in the European, American and other auto industries constantly have revocable companies – and this is a good indicator when automakers bring their cars to mind. Europeans and Japanese today have turned down the price tags – crossovers of non-premium brands for a price of 2.5-3 million rubles and more. I have money to spend. Although seriously considered – but this car had to be brought to mind and there were no a number of functions available in Proshka. Given their On the display, you can duplicate the screen of a smartphone. While the break-in mode is in progress, I don’t raise the speed above 3000 rpm – I drive in a calm mode. Definitely with his wife, the Hyundai-Tussan shoal variant – the design suited the outside, the interior was a little better than that of the Sportage and still lost to Proshka. For going outside there is the Grand Cherokee WK2. Recently, I’ve been driving solid cars. That’s what they buy for. Buying a car I won’t write much here, I’ll point out that I praised the salon manager – because. he managed to sell me Chinese Auto. Acceleration dynamics is decent – the turbo engine responds well to the pedal, accelerates the car to overtake from 0 to 100 is great. I would like to note that the above disadvantages are typical for a large number of modern cars, even in a more expensive price segment. What will they offer us in 3-5 years? I think in 3-5 years the opinion on the quality of Chinese cars will change radically. what is now being released by Khaval, Jilly, Cheri, Changan is really worthy of attention. Operation At the moment we own a car for 2 months, mileage 1000 km, operation strictly in the city. second car in the family. Constantly turns on taxis. – The finish of the chairs is good, the jambs are not visible – everywhere there is a beautifully stitched line, there is nothing to complain about. – An almost flat floor in the back – for me personally it is very convenient – to carry three children in the back – everyone fits and everyone is comfortable. – Very rich equipment – this is not the case with European and Asian counterparts-classmates, even in a price package with a cost of 1 million rubles. rubles. Unpretentious, goes through the pits easily and comfortably. Elegant, strict, high quality and in line with the trends of the times. But after examining the outside and inside in more detail, I became interested in the car, communication with the manager added questions and interest in the car. The only thing missing is a rain sensor and cruise control. True, second-hand. 01/07/2021 In general, I am satisfied with the car. Feels like it works like a classic torque converter (kicks and switches like jerks), I thought it would be faster and less noticeable. Of course, there are also disadvantages, for example, the gearbox does not work quite the way it should, namely, it blunts and does not shift gears on time because of this, and you get increased fuel consumption. I would like more, of course. On the hands was a Nissan Qashqai 2010 2.0 liter. Yes, they have liquidity in the secondary market. So the choice was made, we bought "Proshka" in the auto center and became
he now bears the proud name "Prokhor Demidych". Yes, they have a brand. The exterior is super-beautiful, aggressive, evoking emotions. I liked this front-wheel drive crossover even more, and I bought it. There is a definite plus here. – Awesome head light from LED headlights – there is something to compare. – All-round visibility, thanks to 4 cameras – very worthy, automatic switching on of the cameras when the turn signal is turned on and the movement is less than 20 km / h. Shallows mainly because of the price. The interior is good too. Haval F7x is an interesting cross-coupe – outwardly super, big enough. The choice was difficult, but after weighing all the pros and cons, I took a chance and took a new model on the market. On paper, the robot is smart, fast and economical, but in fact the opposite is true. For 18k run, nothing broke, every button works. The main thing is to be stylish, high quality and at the right price. And she is also very pleased. It is very convenient to maneuver in cramped urban conditions. Equipment of the machine is at a high level. I’ll make a reservation right away that there was money for the purchase of these cars and I considered them only in all-wheel drive – the price of both options in all-wheel drive was already over
2,100,000 rubles (with imposed dopa). In the sport mode of the transmission, I simply “fly away” from the traffic light. The car is the second in the family – mainly the wife went around the city. But in the cabin, I wouldn’t say that it’s cooler than in Proshka. Ride on a test drive – the first impressions were not bad. Consumption is too big – but this is winter with warming up and moving over short distances. And in the usual ride is calm and measured. Suspension at Tiggo 7 assembled. Mirrors, although compact, but the correct form. For the sake of interest, I looked and rode a crossover Zotye Coupa. In general, inside the car is indistinguishable from European products. Packed with everything you need for a comfortable ride. In addition, he drew attention to a clear and very correct system of directional stability when moving on snow. Leather seats are distinguished by excellent ergonomics. The trunk is moderate in volume, but for everyday purposes it is “behind the eyes”. I will not list everything here – you can look at the official website or in the video reviews of bloggers. – Excellent braking system – very sensitive – I was pleasantly surprised (not comparable with my Grand Cherokee – I think the lighter weight of the car affects). – Adjustable lifting angle
electric rear door. and all this from the multimedia screen.