Naturally, the firmware with Chinese voice acting was immediately updated to the latest current, and even Russified. Pure Chinese 5: built-in flash memory 64 Mbit (8 MB), it follows that 7: 70MAI is written on the recorder
Traces of soldering are visible on the legs, but this is not accurate. So he served me faithfully for a whole year. 2: voice control in Chinese (you can change voice control to Russian) see firmware section 1: English voice acting (can be flashed to Russian, not difficult) First, let’s prepare the firmware. The sound quality is secondary for me, the main thing is the reliability of the firmware, well, I’ll try. Conclusions, chips from the dump from disassembly, but it seems to be real, not relabeled. I have a Xiaomi 70 Minutes Smart WiFi Car DVR recorder, I will not dwell on its characteristics, there are a lot of descriptions and examples of work. The change itself is not difficult. Regional differences Datasheet for anyone interested According to users, the best and most reliable firmware is the European original, there are no problems with it.

Flash memory W25Q128FVSIG and its subsequent use

Microcircuits came in a standard yellow envelope and for some reason in a zip package instead of a sealed blister. 2: voice control in English (you can change voice control to Russian) 3 : cheaper To remake the 70mai_d01 recorder, aka Xiaomi 70 Minutes Smart WiFi Car DVR, which was later ordered W25Q128FVSIG. 6: memory for voice acting is half as much and, therefore, worst quality voice acting: 8kHz, 128 Kbps, 16Bit The path of alteration was chosen. Now, why do I need all this. I don’t know what’s going on there. And then some glitches began. 4: Alspeech voice engine European version 7: written 70迈 on the recorder I insert it into the programmer and check, well, yes, it is, some chips contain some kind of firmware. In a well-known store for this price you can buy only one chip, and you have to go, but a new one))) Although the seller indicates that they are new, minus him for this, but the main thing is that they are working and a good price. 3: more expensive Supply voltage: 2.7. 3.6 V. We take the firmware of the region for Europe SD_CarDV.bin and delete the first 32 bytes in any editor Every time you turn it on, the regik began to ask for authorization through the application, before this was not the case. All chips are of different years of release, moreover, one W25Q128JVSIQ is the newest one. 5: built-in flash memory 128 Mbit (16 MB), it follows that Regics do not differ in hardware except for the memory chip. Operating temperature: -40. 85°C. 4: Nuance voice engine The decision to return the Chinese firmware or flash the European original with Russian. But the European one does not fit into the 25q64 chip, which is in the region, because the sound codecs there are different, of better quality. 6: twice as much memory for voice acting and, therefore, voice acting in better quality: 22kHz, 353 Kbps, 16Bit I erase, write, check, everything works as it should. At first I sinned on the built-in battery, but it turned out not to be the case. Therefore, in order to switch to it, you need to change the chip to 25q128, which is in registrars for the European market. This is FLASH memory with SPI interface, 128 Mbps, in SO-8 package. 1: Chinese voice acting (can be flashed to Russian, not difficult) Studying gave some information, such a glitch may be repeated due to a modified firmware with Russian, flashing helped, but not for long.