Bluetooth version: 5.0 Supported mobile OS: Android >6.0 and iOS 11.0-13.1 Made of 2 moving parts. and on reddit no one wrote about it in detail. Still, the price is 2 times lower than this wee. In general, a box is like a box. While I was looking for a store where it was cheaper, I came across a PG-9217B that seemed wonderful in appearance. Well, the printing is good, the polystyrene inside seems to be nothing like that … Nice coloring in the style of Nintendo Switch (not a fan of the switch itself for reasons of size and cost of ownership, but I’m sorry, they impress with the color scheme), but there is an option in the usual black case. Voltage: 3.7V Connection distance: up to 8m So no savings. Oh, you opened the full review? Well, at least someone.

Gamepad for ipega PG-9217B mobile phone and comparison with Flydigi wee 2t

Running current: Sleeping current: Working time: >15h Standby time: up to 30 days As a result, I scored on this matter until I came across 2 months ago on on the divine, rumored Flydigi wee 2t. Length of suitable smartphones: 135-165 mm I can’t say anything more about the box. The name of the office was well-known and despite the fact that there were many reviews on the same reddit about a large delay in its gamepads, I decided to try it. But not the point. I apologize in advance for the inconsistent and not quite standard review by local standards, but what is, is. However, in case of another disappointment from Ipega, I also took wee. [blank chatter that you can safely skip and move on to the next paragraph] If there are errors, then do not hesitate to point out – I will definitely correct it. Wee is made of 5 parts, the gaps between which cause excessive flexibility – the gamepad shakes like an accordion, the phone with rounded ends strives to fall out (and falls out) if you hold it by one of the sides. God knows why every review is stuffed with photos of boxes from all angles. But there is a reason for the first review here. Charging parameters: about 2h, 5V/500mA And 2 times, as you know, is 2 times. I also met complaints that the wee cable fails quickly enough – here, taking into account the smaller difference between the folded and stretched state, theoretically it should be more reliable. In addition, the model is relatively new. Therefore, only front and rear. I could not aim and shoot with the touchpad. Battery capacity: 350mAh In ipega, everything is held much tighter, but sticking the phone in a vertical orientation will not work (well, if such a desire suddenly arises). Before that, 100 years ago, I bought on the same aliexpress the ipega PG-9017, which turned out to be dumb: it did not have a very convenient location for attaching the phone, as a result, the triggers (triggers, shifts, triggers, whatever) were behind the phone and it was not very easy to press them conveniently, so it has been lying on the shelf ever since. In addition, on the street, you need to turn on the access point, connect the Vita to it, it also has problems with my bluetooth headphones … Some time ago, I got the idea to play on the PlayStation via Remoteplay, but on the PS Vita, despite its ideal portable form factor, due to due to the lack of r2/l2 triggers, it turned out to be completely impossible to play.