Provides seamen with a negligence remedy for on-the-job injury without having to overcome employer defenses of assumption of the risk or fellow servant liability. Contributory negligence of the employee does not bar recovery, but recovery is reduced by the proportion of negligence attributable to the employee. Employers can obtain coverage under a standard workers compensation policy by purchasing a maritime coverage endorsement.IRMI
The Jones Act, ratified with the Merchant Marine Act of 1920, is one of the oldest pieces of modern maritime legislation on record. It provides crew members who are injured as a result of negligence to collect compensation for their injuries. If your maritime business involves the use of crew members, you owe it to your long-term viability to get Jones Act Insurance. Keep in mind this is niche coverage for a niche segment of the maritime workforce. Don’t run the risk of neglecting Jones Act Insurance in order to save in the short term. We can issue Jones Act Insurance as a separate policy or we can fold it into your existing suite of Marine Program policies. If you would like more information about the vital policy, our Marine Program in general, or the premium carriers we work with, please contact us as soon as possible.