Further pictures, after a certain operation, with explanations. In the unfolded state Haven’t tried nails. sorry. < br />Standard Chinese bits Sponges do not converge to zero; you cannot use them as tweezers. I repeat – all the tools work as expected, there are no backlashes, and even more so there is no rattling.

The contents of the case To some extent, this is an analogue of the ROXON S801S, but half the price.

Multi tool with corkscrew

Riveted bite blades, replacement option is doubtful.
General view in the case In short, very good. The gentlemen’s club doesn’t take their word for it, so For occasional use is very good. A shaped screwdriver with an opener, an adapter for bits is put on the screwdriver.
in the unfolded state, they are also fixed with a back-lock, spring-loaded, confidently cut paper, cardboard, polyethylene.

The kodura is quite high quality, the loop is sewn correctly, there are no hints of tearing during operation The first order of this product from another https://jiji.com.et/40-bicycles/adult seller was safely lost by mail, the second was lucky.
The blade of the knife has a seriator, but it is quite possible to cut the sausage.
In the unfolded state it is fixed with a back-lock , the pliers are spring-loaded. Tool holders – fix (with a click), pliers bite cables (including UTP, unlike the previous one), the knife cuts, the screwdriver turns, the corkscrew is decent, the scissors are good. I have not found analogues in this price category. But, I repeat, if you do not bite the screws with them, then they should last long enough. Actual multitool Paracord cuts too.
Classic design corkscrew, without lever
Retainer – standard liner lock
Nothing creaks, does not rust.
When unfolded, a screwdriver unlocks the scissors module.
Saw – nothing special, also fixed with liner lock. The case is also of high quality. Due to the untimely loss of the previous one, I was preoccupied with choosing a new one.