We get a completely Russian version of Windows.
This concludes my review. If interested, welcome under cat.
To be honest, the computer is not very agile, especially after my PC with modern hardware. IEEE 802.11a / b / g / n, 2.4G 5.0 G For HD: HD 2.0 output, up to 4K decoding Should be able to connect to an old, already existing 17-inch LG L1730S monitor (implemented by purchasing an HDMI to VGA adapter, on ebay for about 3 bucks) In the system properties we see that Windows is activated:
There are also no ventilation holes on the bottom. 1. Now I’ll tell you about the stuffing of the device. Specs: Minimum Windows 8.1 and better Windows 10 The point is small, only 5 square meters. My specific use of this nettop.

Color: black Thanks for the information to the user
The manufacturer says that it produces 12V 1.5A

Review of Windows 10 TV box Beelink Z83 II. Delivery took about 3 weeks. In general, everything is strict, concise and nothing more.
On the top there is only the Z83 logo and the inscription Intel Inside. An offline office computer, for example, will not cost much less. But of course the computer of stars from the sky is not enough. Of course, I offered to buy a second-hand laptop that can do all this.

The nettop is placed in it simply due to bent ears and soft foam rubber spacers: OS: Windows 10 OS I only had it on my hands for a couple of days. Conclusions: Alternatively, you can uncheck the extra checkboxes in the performance options:
On the left side there is an SD card slot and two usb 2.0 ports. Background: But the comrade does not like to take BU things, he needs a new device, in which he will definitely be sure. CPU: Intel Atom x5-z8350 Processor (2M Cache, up to 1.84 GHz you have undemanding tasks where you don’t need to hammer nails with a microscope, where you don’t need memory and gigantic power, then this computer may well come in handy.
Inside were the nettop itself, a frame for placement on the back of the monitor, etc., a power supply, two hdmi cables, a set of bolts, waste paper: There is also no overheating. DDR3 2GB; Bluetooth: Wireless Bluetooth 4.0
Familiar desktop and shortcuts. I tried to spend one evening on this nettop
as your main computer. It’s strange that there are no holes for ventilation: The formats are the same. This computer was purchased for specific tasks. The printer is the same. Wireless Functions: The nettop itself is small. Worked without any problems, and most importantly, absolutely not taking up useful space. In previous reviews, comments often wrote that such a computer is not even needed for nothing. It has dimensions of 120x120mm. Everything.
The case is plastic, has many ventilation holes. Specific requirements were: Just matte plastic and a few power and serial number inscriptions:
The right side has no ports, and is designed to remove heat from the nettop due to the presence of a large number of slots: These are more convenient to place and hide behind the monitor. All required sites are working. You can buy this nettop for $11 cheaper if you use coupon VV2117 2. Since, despite its rather modest characteristics, this nettop can perform tasks that do not have requirements for resources and RAM.
One is 25cm, the other is 100cm.
Bezel for placing a computer on the back of monitors, etc. (the manufacturer has the name wall mount): 4. But that was enough for me to take photos for the review, try to use it and draw some conclusions. Installed google chrome, skype. By the way, the box does not indicate anywhere that this is a beelink. UPD: Relatively low price. From usb and flash media (via LAN-connected Canon MF232W MFP) You can use it completely. The computer heats up, but no critical glitches are observed. The condition of the box was so-so:
Two cables
Hard Disk: 32GB YouTube shows that VK opens, the music is read. I wish you all happy shopping. 4.
Typing small texts into word and printing The computer was bought for a friend of mine who is engaged in trade. Power supply:
The plug is normal.
For fans ran through the stress test in aida64: < br />
There is also nothing on the back side. The case is warm, but not hot at all. And considering that these squares also contain showcases with various goods, and equipment, everything is sad with an extra place for a friend. Out of the available 28.2GB hard disk, 18Gb is available So the money was not spent in vain, and the task was https://jiji.com.et/clothing/zara completed. Properties: Finding a replacement in case of a breakdown will be quite easy: Nothing more is required from the computer.
Therefore, powerful and expensive solutions are simply not needed, and do not make sense. Arrived in a regular bag and wrapped in foam. RAM:
Not a lot of course, but for installing a couple of necessary programs and drivers from two printers in this place will be more than enough. Memory Card Support: SD Card (Maximum 128GB) Well, everything seems to be working. There is a buyer for any product. Windows greets us when we turn it on for the first time 10 in English. The presence of bluetooth and wi-fi in the computer that will not occupy usb ports.

On the front side there is a power button, a power connector, one USB 3.0 port, an HDMI port, a LAN port, a 3.5 port combined, for connecting headphones, speakers or a headset. The most important thing is that the buyer is completely satisfied and happy.
Summary information from Aida 64: Small size. 1. Printing word documents, excel, pdf, etc. I bought it on TomTop because of the lowest price and the ability to pay with paypal.
Device Manager: Yesterday I gave the computer to a friend. 2. Print photos from usb and flash media. 10×15, 15×20, 20×30 formats (via LAN-connected Epson L805 printer)
More : There seems to be nowhere to use it. The computer will be used in a small outlet in one of the city’s shopping centers. In no case do I call for buying such a computer, it’s better to save up and buy a full-fledged PC, with a powerful video card, a modern processor and a bunch of memory (sarcasm) To smash tanks to the fullest and enjoy FPS Over120, and at the same time show off the config everywhere where possible and impossible. So I decided to talk about one of the scenarios. Therefore, the budget is allocated, the computer is bought.
Have the inscription HDTV. It is clear that with such characteristics there is nothing to miss. Music plays in the background. 5. Accepting payments from the population for various utilities and mobile operators through the Qiwi-cashier program for Windows (this is why you need a fresh version of the OS) Plus, you need the ability install a licensed version of Windows 10 with a key.
3. Printing photos received on a computer via bluetooth from phones.
I liked that the cables are quite flexible, without reinforced mesh. Today he already said that in the morning everything that needed to be set up, all the software was installed, and the computer worked perfectly for its first working office day. But it will take up space, buzz, consume more electricity, and perform the same functions that this baby can handle. This coupon is valid until September 15th. < br />And since an operator without knowledge of English will work on this computer, we download the Russian language pack: Tasks: For several hours of work, I did not observe any heating that commentators in other reviews frightened. Only 118x118x24mm. Bezel bolts: