USB Rechargeable Electric
USB Rechargeable Electric
USB Rechargeable Electric Power Cell. See link.

A Power Cell is an electric power generator which uses electricity from a large transformer to power the motor, batteries, etc. that power the motor. The power generator uses a variety of different methods and processes. Some are:

Electrification – the process where electricity flows into the cell. Most solar panels in some cities in America use electrolytic electricity through a capacitor. Some solar systems using thermal power have a thermal conductive coating.

Electricity generation – the process of generating electricity.

Electro-power transfer – a process by which electricity flows through the battery and into the electric motor. Electricity generated in the cell is then transferred by DC voltage to the motor. Electricity from the battery is generated directly into the motor. Also, in some cities, DC voltage is used as an electric power generator.

The process of electricity transfer is called the transformer.

Here are some of the more complicated methods:

Cell charging – charging a battery when power is consumed and when there to be more power. You can charge a rechargeable electric power cell by using the electric power generator or by using an electric outlet. This is also called “cathode charging”.

Cell recharging – when power is used to recharge a single battery.

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